Our Movie Poster

07-29-18 postcard front starburst

I really have to commend Katya Palladina for this awesome poster design for our film! The title graphic was inspired by the “Total Experience” logo that has been featured on the bright red t-shirts of Total Experience Gospel Choir members since the very beginning of the choir in 1970s. The logo was designed we think by Jaci White, because she is given credit for the artwork and cover designs on the Shine! album that the choir self-published in 1976 through the Hamilton, Holden, Roberts Studios, Inc.

The Shine! album is a real treasure. The selections include, Shine, You’ll Be Ready, America, Follow Me, In the Ghetto, By the Time, It is Well, God Is Standing By, Goin’ Up Yonder, and Walk Out On The Water. It was recorded in the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Seattle and the pastor of the church, civil rights activist Rev. Dr. Samuel B. McKinney wrote the notes on the back cover of the album. For this film I think I must have purchased the very last copy of Shine! available on eBay because I have not been able to find another one since. If you ever run across a copy of this record snatch it up quickly because it is extremely rare!

The portrait of Pastor Pat Wright was also scanned right off of the back of the Shine! album. Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify who the photographer was so if anyone has any information please let us know.

The words “Joy, Inspiration, Hope, Love” on the poster refers to a quote from a video interview of Pastor Pat Wright recorded in the 1980s:

“We are missionaries. It is our mission to bring our joy, our inspiration, our hope, and our love to the world.”

Andrew Elizaga, Co-Director


Shine record label