“Lift Him Up”

The Total Experience Gospel Choir recorded the album”Lift Him Up” in 1979. It was released by Savoy Records, a major record label that specialized in jazz and rhythm and blues, and was “Number One” in gospel music. It was the same label that recorded the Rev. Dr. James Cleveland, the “King of Gospel Music”! Savoy often would take a well-known gospel singer and record them … Continue reading “Lift Him Up”

Trouble at Mt Zion

Women of Mt Zion Baptist Church made the news yesterday when they held a press conference to draw attention to episodes of bullying and an atmosphere of “toxic masculinity” and discrimination against women ministers at the church who dared to raise questions about church finances, specifically what happened to $4 million the church raised by selling off property. One minister even said she felt physically … Continue reading Trouble at Mt Zion

“Motherless Child”

Last summer we followed Pastor Patrinell Wright to New Orleans where she met with high school students who were rebuilding homes as Shirts Across America volunteers. We had the privilege of filming her heartbreaking performance of several Negro spirituals at the Whitney Plantation slavery museum. This song really spoke to us. Pastor Pat was in the old church singing to the “Children of Whitney” ceramic … Continue reading “Motherless Child”

A former choir member bears witness to the power of faith

Our producer/co-director Tia Young recently received this message from one of the very first Total Experience Gospel Choir members: Hi Tia – I wanted to share my experience as a TEGC choir member: I was a music student in the Franklin High School Gospel Choir September 1973. Pat saw something in me she identified as a gift. So I became a student director, mentored by … Continue reading A former choir member bears witness to the power of faith